Creativity is a very important element of the VISConti project. In its work the project seeks to create a space for thinking about what is really creative. It also goes ahead and creates the criteria for measuring creativity.

VISConti identified a number of terms that are the most relevant to the project and hence attempt to provide a solid foundation for further activities. The definitions were gathered through extensive research of relevant literature and are referenced accordingly. While some definitions and terms required specific academic literature, others were obtained through mainstream sources.

VISConti is collecting ideas from teachers and students from VET as well as from science professionals in the industry. These are project ideas that these members of VISConti consider creative.

In key with the philosophy of VISConti we are not requesting members of the VISConti community to invent but to share ideas that they have come across and that they consider creative. Ideas and projects do not even need to belong to the person who shares the idea. We wish to invite you to look at the video to get the hint at what can be creative and go ahead and share a creative idea with us.
Members of VISConti can share with us ideas in science that they consider creative however we prefer to invite schools and educators, students and professionals to join our Community of Practice where ideas are shared with peers and challenged from an economic, technical and creativity points of view.


In this gallery our followers can share ideas in text only or else in video format or text. We have created online forms so that anyone sharing an idea can have help with developing the idea and the video shooting activity in the case of video. For any questions and support please feel free to send us your questions to so that we can give you feedback and possibly use your questions to improve the tools provided.

You can submit your idea in text                 You can submit your idea in text and video

This is a temporary visual presentation of the ideas shared by our members. In time these will be classified according to field and key words but we thought we should share it as early as possible in order that the ideas of others may inspire others.

We are working on the future of this gallery also regarding content.

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