VISConti  meets industry and schools in Palermo. This is the first of three Multiplier Events that VISConti will organise in two years to bring VISConti partners in contact with industry and to raise awareness and interest of professionals in VET and in industry about VISConti and its mission. It is also a reaching out exercise to engage participants into the networking activities of the project that are to mature into a Community of Practice in the following months.


VISConti on Creativity
April 2015 Malta
Introduction of the works
VISConti : not born to create.
Taking off some of the romance from creativity
Antoine Gambin (VisMedNet Association)
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in smart building: cluster experiences
A short narrative of creativity in the construction industry in Sicily that is environment oriented.
Dott. Antonino Cellura
ECODOMUS -  Distretto della Bioedilizia
Can Creativity and Innovation be assessed?
The presentation will explore the following questions in an attempt to generate discussion on the relevant topics:
What is Creativity?
What is Innovation?
Can Creativity and Innovation be assessed / evaluated?
Are any tools for assessment / evaluation available?
Professor Sandra M. Dingli set up The Edward de Bono Institute at the University of Malta in October 1992 in collaboration with Dr. Edward de Bono, the inventor of Lateral Thinking.  In 2004 Sandra designed and launched a new postgraduate degree, a Master of Arts in Creativity and Innovation, which attracts international postgraduate students to the University of Malta. Sandra delivers lectures on creativity, innovation, foresight and new digital technology to undergraduate and postgraduate students.  She has published extensively in the UK and in Malta. Her most recent publication is Creativity and Strategic Innovation Management, which she co-authored with Malcolm Goodman (Routledge, 2013). She is regularly invited to deliver presentations and workshops at local and international conferences on topics related to creativity, innovation management and foresight.
VISConti Community of Practice (Workshop)
Mutual Engagement - Joint Enterprize - Shared Repertoire
Antoine Gambin (VisMedNet Association)
12:15 Closure of the works


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