Submission of creative ideas in science in text and video

Thank you for showing interest in VISConti and for wanting to share creative ideas in science with us.

We invite you to follow these steps :
1. Download or print the instructions for the production of video clips
2. Look at the form below before filling it in
3. Plan your video clip well
4. Shoot
5. Fill in the form
6. Send us materials
We have produced a small manual with hints and tips about the production of VISConti video clips so that :
- we could strike a balance between a space for creativity in content and format, manageability on our side when editing materials you will send us and homogeneity so that all clips will form one set representing VISConti on Creativity,
- we could provide you with some tools to produce a good quality video clip with minimum resources as is usually the case in schools,
- you can share the manual with colleagues who could otherwise find it difficult to take on a small video clip project without such tips and
- you can use examples and tips in the manual to your advantage allowing students to follow instructions and work on their own steam and using their own creativity.

Instructions for the production of video clips


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