The partners of the VISConti project put their heads together to identify areas of learning from the project experience. They put together recommendations for new methods in VET and new VET-industry dynamics.

VISConti Recommendations

It was a collective effort that lead to further steps in the activities of VISConti namely the sharing of ideas that members of the VISConti network consider creative. These were ideas coming from students, industry and from within the membership itself.

VISConti on Creativity showcase

VISConti Definitions

VISConti identified a number of terms that are the most relevant to the project and hence attempt to provide a solid foundation for further activities. The definitions were gathered through extensive research of relevant literature and are referenced accordingly. While some definitions and terms required specific academic literature, others were obtained through mainstream sources.

Collection of Definitions on Creativity and Assessment

Project work assessment spectrum

The very first step of the VISConti project was to create a pan European panorama of the practices and tools that VET schools use to assess project work of students studying science related subjects and IT. It served to provide the partner organisations that contributed to its content and the general public to be aware of practices followed in other countries and what areas the VISConti project is intended to cover for better quality education in Vocational Education and Training.

2015 Report on project work assessment within the VISConti partnership 


VISConti Activities

Community of Practice