Editorial Board : Format

This Forum is intended for the Editorial Board of UPPScience.

The functions of the Editorial Board of UPPScience are the following:

  • Establishment of foundations and parameters for research and publishing
  • Guidelines on parameters for standards and quality for research, publishing and peer review
  • Determination of format, characteristics, requisites and standards for publications
  • Determination of criteria for self / peer evaluation / assessment of publications
  • Liaison with Technical Team about tools for submission and publication of papers
  • Liaison with Technical Team about tools for peer review
  • Design and delivery of training content in research and publishing
This forum is about the functions that are in bold and underlined.
It would be appreciated if you were to come up with a formal list of guidelines on format of the papers that will be published.
Please keep in mind that what you put together for format will then become guidelines for members of the CoP who will publish papers.


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