O3 : UPPScience CoP skeletal infrastructural design

Lead partner : AMRA
Partners involved : Ecaterina, NTNU, VisMedNet, ValIda, IPP
Dates of implementation : 01.02.2017 - 31.12.2017

This output is the first blueprint for the extension of the VISConti platform into the UPPScience platform that will support the new augmented CoP with a larger population and with new tools and profiling process. The design for the new augmented platform will be developed by AMRA as leader of this IO in liaison with NTNU and VisMedNet, translating the requirements from IO2, and  from IO1.
It will produce the design in close proximity with Ecaterina who will lead IO4, the production of the new augmented platform based on the design from this IO3.

The design will therefore be based on the requirements by UPPScience for publication and public access to the online publication and assessment tools, members profiles area and interactive platform for the UPPScience community of practice. AMRA and Ecaterina  will submit the design specification and present it to the project leaders and for open consultancy within the partnership. This output also includes subsequent refinement of the design  in order that it reflects feedback from the partnership, up to the final steps prior to  production of the technological platform.

The design will comprise the four parts that will form the final operational UPPScience technological platform and it will include flow charts and possibly dummy pages for viewing by the rest of the partnership for feedback.

The parts identified at this stage are :
- an area available to the public for anonymous users, divided into an area for passive browsers and an area for individuals registering their interest in UPPScience,
- an area for members in the UPPScience network, namely individuals or organisations wishing to be involved in the network, even if not necessarily active in the school / industry activities of the community of practice,
-  tools for preparation, publication and peer review  that will be at the core of the CoP dynamic and
- an area that will support cross border and cross sector interactivity, forming the UPPScience community of practice for students, teachers and science professionals.

AMRA will draw up a memorandum of understanding, or  what is known in commercial circles as the brief. It will be the brief from AMRA to Ecaterina. This stems from the fact that this process of design and preparation for the construction of the UPPScience technological platform is an action carried out by AMRA from the IT industry and a VET school that will involve students in the hands on construction of the platform. It will be a continuation of the perfect example of VET and industry working together as as initiated by the VISConti philosophy.

Although not expected to be an active contributor at this stage, the partner responsible for internal evaluation on client experience IPP will be present during these discussions.

The costs related to this IO are all staff costs of the partner organisations involved.

Green means accomplished          
Orange means progress (they will go green when finished)                
Red means to be started up (they will go orange next)
BLOCK LETTERS mean action needed
O3 A1 The design specification for the extension of the VISConti platform to become the UPPScience platform that will support the new augmented CoP with a larger population and with new tools and profiling process. 
- Amply discussed during kick-off meeting during cold run that went through all registration, submission of papers and peer review process
O3 A2 Liaison with leaders of IO1 and IO2.
- Started during kick-off meeting and went on until accomplishment of all activities under this IO.
O3 A2 Liaison with leader of IO4
- Started during kick-off meeting
- During kick-off meeting there was discussion of Ecaterina involving a number of teachers more actively so that students developing the platform can have more support.
- During kick-off meeting there was discussion about the necessity and usefulness of a meeting between AMRA and Ecaterina in Targu-Jiu in the beginning of 2017
O3 A2 Informal liaison with the leader of IO5.
O3 A3 The drawing up of a memorandum of understanding or brief to Ecaterina for the development of the platform and tools for the UPPScience CoP and supervision of development of O4.

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