O2 : UPPScience Community of Practice

Lead partner : VisMedNet
Partners involved : NTNU, Akdeniz, Stucom, CIPFPM, ValIda, Ecaterina, AMRA, Med Export, CEEI Burgos, IPP, Archimede, Sehit Ridvan, Asachi, Usak, Zespol, Bacau, Epal, Isparta, Cannizzaro, Battaglini and Goynuk
Dates of implementation : 01.11.2016 - 31.03.2019

The partners leading the development of the CoP of UPPScience will first take an analytical look at the state of the art, size, facilities and the successes achieved and challenges met in the development of the CoP in VISConti. The partnership of the project was constituted to include the mass of the population of the CoP from VISConti and new comers so that this project can exploit and build on the experience and continue with the maturity process of the Community.

After the state of the art and inventory  the new dynamic of the enlarged CoP will be established with the wider scope and increased range of tools it will have in UPPScience.
The leaders of this IO, VisMedNet and NTNU, will look into changes to the profiling process of members of the CoP, since, in UPPScience, profiles of members will only be tagged if they propose or review any science projects. Professional profiles will also be tagged with research publications and peer reviews.

The leaders of the CoP in UPPScience will also determine relationships, cooperation forms and dynamics of publishers and reviewers and this, together with the profiling process, will be the subject of liaison with the technical team that will develop IO3 and IO4, so that the required dynamic and tools are incorporated into the new enlarged platform of the CoP

The lead partners will also design training content for four training activities of UPPScience so that participants can understand the dynamic, the tools, the profiling and cooperation forms inside the CoP, since this will be as critical to the success of the CoP as the requirement of critical mass and quality standards.

The partnership will all be involved in the development and delivery of the CoP when, under the leadership of VisMedNet and NTNU, they will engage their management staff, teachers and trainers in VET, students in early HE and industry. They will generate an augmented critical mass to secure the successful cross border dynamic in the CoP that enables exchange in various languages, theme, field of study and interest. The partners will take part in the profiling exercise and those benefiting from the training activities of UPPScience will also act as catalysts to engage peers in the CoP and support their activity within it. The CoP  will have a target of 200 members.

The costs related to this IO are staff costs of all the partnership involved in engagement in the CoP and travel costs related to the delivery of the training activities of UPPScience.

Green means accomplished          
Orange means progress (they will go green when finished)                
Red means to be started up (they will go orange next)
BLOCK LETTERS mean action needed
O2-A1 Inventory and state of the art of the VISConti CoP
- Amply discussed in kick-off meeting with cold run to ensure that VISConti CoP platform undergoes any adjustments that it may require to host added areas and functions for UPPScience
- List of members in the CoP : now visible upon log in.
- Activities for UPPScience partners who were not in VISConti to be started up with data about project work assessment to get them oriented to CoP platform from VISConti lifetime.
- Improvements needed to list of criteria and specialisations for profile building.
- Migration carried out to new classification of specialisations and interests that will require all members of CoP to log in and choose criteria again using new ones.
- Improvements related to language selection of members of CoP required.
- Slight adjustments required to help teachers also use project validation system of projects by others as part of VET training in science.
O2-A2 Establishment of the new dynamic in the enlarged CoP
- Amply discussed in kick-off meeting with cold run of dynamic that will be required for the now larger CoP for UPPScience
- AMRA will develop blue print based on this discussion
O2-A2 Determination of profiling process hinged on research and publication activities
- Amply discussed in kick-off meeting with cold run of dynamic that will be required for the now larger CoP for UPPScience
- AMRA will develop blue print based on this discussion
O2-A3 Determination of  peer evaluation / assessment process of publications
- Amply discussed in kick-off meeting with cold run of dynamic that will be required for the publication and peer review process of CoP for UPPScience
- AMRA will develop blue print based on this discussion
O2-A4 Liaison with Technical Team about tools for profiling
- Discussion started in kick-off meeting and went on until completed during development and upgrading from VISConti platform to UPPScience readiness
O2-A5 Design and delivery of training content for training in profiling process, use of CoP tools and cross border exchange protocol.
O2-A6 The generation of a larger augmented and wider scope UPPScience CoP
- Efforts starting earlier than predicted in proposal to engage new partners in pilot activities using VISConti platform as is now.

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